Isis & Hathor represent the Beauty & the Love 

Hathor Relaxation Retreat 

Every year the House of Life Healing Centre offers special healing retreat programs. We like to dedicate all our programs like the healing retreat, the sand healing, the song retreat and the relaxation retreat to the Goddess Hathor. The energy of the Goddess Hathor, which we know also belong to the energy of the Goddess Isis, represent the beauty, the love, the healing, the dance and the music inside ourselves. Her presence alone already heales us from depressions and heavyness inside our physical bodies and souls. Therefore, we would like to call our relaxation retreat The Hathor Relaxation Retreat.   

The Beauty comes when Body and Mind are Healthy 

Hathor Relaxation Retreat

Are you fascinated by the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation and has Egypt already captured your heart? Do you wish to experience the exceptional atmospheres and unique cultures, but at the same time you need to give some extra deserved care to your body and mind? 

Exceptional hospitality 

Memorable and relaxing stay

Our team as your specialist in exceptional hospitality, will do everything possible to make your stay memorable and relaxing. You will be part of everyday life in Abydos, experience the tangible original atmosphere in the Temple of Sety I by yourself. 

The Horus & Isis/Hathor Chapels

Restful atmosphere 

Also the Horus and Isis/Hathor chapels in the House of Life will be engulfed you in powerful high energies and the restful atmosphere. The ideal combination for meditation and delving into your inner self.

Variety of Treatments 

When Body and Mind are Healthy 

During your retreat we will offer a variety of treatments with herbs, massages in which we using the holy oils, foot baths and sound healings, that originated in Ancient Egypt.These authentic therapies will relax and strengthen your body and mind. The ancient Egyptians always said: ‘The Beauty Comes When Body & Mind are Healthy’.

Excursions can be seperate arranged


Excursions to the Hathor Temple in Dendera, the Egyptian museum in Sohag, the Statue of Merit Amun or the White monastery in Achmiem can be separate arranged.     

The Healing program will be tailor-made with you 

A tailor-made healing program  

The Hathor Relaxation retreat is avaliable at any time. Please contact us to choose your date. 

The fee is € 300, - or $ 330, - a day and is based on a full board single room, transport, templetickets and the healing program. The healing program will be tailor-made together with you. 

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