New possibilities 

Online Course Ancient Egyptian Healing 

Traveling is not always possible.... 

We know that many cannot travel to Egypt without further ado. We have been aware for some time that many missed the opportunity to become acquainted with the Ancient Egyptian Healing Course as a result.

a process of healing 

New possibilities

The past few years have therefore stimulated us to look at new possibilities to introduce the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians to several people worldwide.

a new way is laying in front of you 

Read the introduction

If you have become curious about what this new opportunity can bring you, read the introduction by clicking on the link and contact us if you want to let us know your motivation. In this introduction we explain what the online course Ancient Egyptian Healing will look like and how we will guide you. If this still raises questions, feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form. 

Read the Introduction oline Course Ancient Egyptian Healing here:

We are there for all of you 

The Gab 

'Trust and don't loose the sensitivity of a young child. You will be lead by the Gab. You will be lead by the forces of the spiritual world who are there for those who are searching and looking for the holy knowledge inside themselves. Don't be afraid, we are there for all of you. We are walking beside you'. 

The process of receiving and clarifying knowledge has already begun


Online Course Ancient Egyptian Healing

Dear Yvon/Aset, 

Thank you for this beautiful and clear report. And above all, many thanks for this wonderful process where I got into so many layers, but also get more and more inner clarity and peace. 

It is very amazing how all the turmoil of the past period falls into place and I see the connections. 

Thank you for your advice on the tantric path, and the process of receiving/clarifying knowledge has already begun. 

I really get directions on how I can start working from this wisdom. 

It's so wonderful, Yvon, it's like veils have been lifted. I notice that it continues to work and can deepen more and more. 

I also really liked the online training because the way you give it suits me very much, very intuitive, also following what is needed at that moment. 

It's true and it was and is coming home for me. 

I wait and follow in surrender where the path leads and I sincerely hope to meet you live one day. 

Lots of love, Dorian

Energy and vibration are the constituents of all of our reality

Review Online Course Ancient Egyptian Healing

"Energy and vibration are the constituents of all of our reality including space and time. So, even at a distance, this learning path is a gateway to ancient practices and the cosmic energies known as "Neteru." Engaging in this course has the potential to be a deeply transformative experience for your life and consciousness if you approach it with sincere dedication and a desire to be a vessel of light and wisdom. This commitment is not just about personal transformation, but also about restoring harmony within yourself and in the world around you.

Moreover, this course offers the unique opportunity to connect with the Per Ankh, or "House of Life," members in Abydos. This group is renowned for their genuine dedication and integrity. Engaging with them could significantly enhance your journey, providing access to powerful teachings and materials, particularly if your soul resonates with the path of ancient Kemet. This is more than just a learning experience; it's a chance to continue your spiritual journey with like-minded individuals and delve deeper into the wisdom of the ancients.”

Carlos Santos Spain 

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