Posted by House of Life on 31 May 2018

House of Life Healing Conference 2019 

House of Life Healing Conference 2019

25 to 31 March 2019

The initiative to organize the first House of Life Healing conference has been received with equal enthusiasm everywhere. The President of the University of Sohag, whom we have informed about our initiative, is very committed to the conference and shall in all probability open the conference in March.

The result of our hard work may be there! We have put together a beautiful and truly unique program and we are proud that we can offer this! We are very pleased with the guest speakers Huub Pragt, Jim Westerman, Patricia Awyan, Raba Awyan, Brian Flynn and Mahmoud Amer Elgendy. Horus and Aset will also represent the House of Life during the workshops and presentations. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get acquainted, to have new experiences, to meet and finally visit the Osireion and the archaeological sites Um El Ga’ab, Shunta Sil Beeb and Khum El Sultaan, archaeological sites that normally are not accessible to the public!

Read the House of Life Healing Conference program. 

Do you want to participate the House of Life Healing conference please go to the registration form.  

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