2 to 8 April 2020

House of Life Healing Conference 2020 is canceled 

After the very succesful first House of Life Healing conference we were so delighted to announce the second House of Life Healing Conference which we had planned  from 2 until 8 April 2020. It would have been a week of worldwide encounters and exchanges in the House of Life in Abydos. For every person interested in ancient Egyptian healing there would have been ultimate opportunities to meet each other, to gain knowledge and to share knowledge.

Unfortunately, with regret in our hearts, we had to make the decision to cancel the House of Life Healing Conference 2020 because there were not enough applicants to continue organizing it.

However, we hope that in the future there will be new opportunities to reorganize this wonderful House of Life Healing Conference event.

For those who are curious what we were planning to offer. See here the Brochure House of Life Healing Conference 2020.

Do you have questions, pleas contact us.

bring a deeper awareness

Aim of the conference

The House of Life Healing Conference “Abydos Holy City of Ancient Egypt” has the aim to combine Science, Healing Knowledge and Art together, with the intention to bring a deeper awareness about how these three fields are inseparable connected to each other and how the Ancient Egyptians expressed this in their daily lives.

The ancient Egyptians experienced their world as one. Their daily life was connected with nature. The nature was connected to the natural forces they call Neturu; in modern words, the Gods and the Goddesses of ancient Egypt. Nowadays we are calling the way how the ancient Egyptians were connected with nature, holistic.

Studying the pantheon of the Egyptian Neturu, their nature, their language, the hieroglyphs, the temples and their ritual scenes, and studying the daily life of our ancestors, will keep and bring a knowledge alive of a civilization that had such an incredible historical influence on the humanity on Earth, thousands of years back in our history. Until today still many people on Earth are touched by the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians.


The second House of Life Healing Conference 2020 offers a program with lecture, excursions, workshops & presentations. Among the speakers are the Dutch Egyptologist Huub Pragt – the Egyptian Archaeologist and Senior Inspector of Antiquities at Abydos Ayman Mohamed Damarany – the Egyptian Writer and Independent Researcher Safaa Mohamed – the British Painter and Researcher Brian Flynn – the Canadian Composer, Writer, Researcher and Psychotherapist Todd Hayen and the American Khemitologist, Researcher, Speaker, Explorer, Artist, and Spiritual & Intuitive Life Counselor and co-director of the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism Patricia Awyan-Lehman will support the conference by their inspiring lectures and presentations.

We are honored to cooperate during the conference in the workshops, courses and treatments with the Egyptian Bio Magnetic Touch Healer Raba Awyan – the Egyptian healer Atef Soliman – the Dutch Writer, Trainer and Therapist Erica Rijnsburger – The American Belly Dancer Dawna Phillips and the Dutch Music therapist, Creator and Sound healer Yvon Taken (Aset) who is together with Horus from Abydos the founder of the current House of Life at Abydos.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to Learn, to Experience and to Enjoy your staying in Abydos, The Holy City of Ancient Egypt! For more information please contact us.

Beauty and awareness 

New steps for the future 

We hope that this conference creates new steps for the future to bring back the beauty and the awareness that Abydos was and still is “The Holy City of Ancient Egypt”. We hope to open the hidden healing knowledge we believe which is still there and who can help so many people around the world who are searching for it.

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