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Hathor Culture Journey 

14 - 25 January 2025

Ancient Egypt left behind one of the most impressive cultures in human history. It still captures the imagination of many people to this day. From pharaoh to everyday life, ancient Egypt shows us how they expressed the deep religious and spiritual connection between the earth and the forces of the universe through monumental architecture and art forms.

Feel and experience the atmosphere

Power spots

In this culture tour through Egypt we visit museums, the most important places, places of power and temples to come face to face with the religion, spirituality, art, architecture and society of yesteryear. We let these impressions work on us by tasting, feeling and experiencing the atmosphere. We will reflect on ourselves in important temples and places of power. This journey can connect us with our deeper emotional layers and psychological and physical well-being.

various healings and treatments


During the journey, experiences can be exchanged. In the healing center House of Life in Abydos there is the possibility to get acquainted with various healings and treatments. 


14 - 25 of January 2025

Day 1
Arrival Cairo. We will stay in Cairo for three nights. 

Day 2
We visit the great pyramid of Giza and continue the day with a visit to the step pyramid of Djozer in Saqarra, the intimate little museum and the famous Serapeum. 

Day 3
We visit the new impressive GEM museum. (Grand Egyptian Museum) 

Day 4 
We fly to Luxor. 

Day 5
We visit the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple on the West Bank of Luxor. 

Day 6 
We visit the impressive Temple of Karnak. We will specially visit the chapel dedicated to the Goddess Seghmet and the God Ptah. We will also visit the temple of Mut with its special Seghmet statues. After lunch we visit Luxor Temple. 

Day 7 
On the way to Abydos we visit Dendera temple dedicated to the Goddess Hathor. 

Day 8 
We visit the special Sety I healing temple. 

Day 9 
We visit the Sety I temple and Ramsess II temple. 

Day 10 
We visit Merit Amun in Achmiem and visit the White and the Red Monastery. 

Day 11 
We visit Shunta El Zebib and Khum El Sultan. We conclude our stay. 

Day 12 
In the early morning we leave from Luxor airport to take the flight to Cairo and then the flight to your home destination. 

Fee of the program: 

Single room: € 2500, - or $ 2720, - 12 days. 

Double room € 2250, - or $ 2445, - 12 days. 

The Hathor Culture Tour is offered on a full board basis, including the 3 and 4 star hotel accommodation, flight ticket from Cairo to Luxor and transportation. It does not include the flight ticket to Egypt, visa, temple tickets and travel insurance. 

The Hathor Culture Tour can take place if there are a minimum of 6 participants. 

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