Building rainbow bridges

Foundation House of Life Abydos

The aim of the Foundation House of Life Abydos is to build rainbow bridges between the world and Egypt. It is an independent organization that supports social and cultural projects in the village of Abydos. It funds several aid projects for the benefit of the people of Abydos.

To save the ancient Egyptian knowledge 

Foundation House of Life Abydos

The Foundation House of Life Abydos is founded in 2010 also with the aim to save the ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge, retained by Horus from Abydos, for the future. It will also support the developing of the Healing Centre House of Life in Abydos  

A better future for all of us 

Small projects for education and help

Your donation will give the foundation the possibility to help Abydos set-up small projects for education, study, and for persons with special needs. Your gift will give the poorer families of Abydos hope for a better future because the Foundation will assist these families where she can. Through this we all help to build a better world and give hope for the future to everyone. 

Will you support us? We are happy with every gift, large or small. We are happy if we can welcome you as one of our donors.

History of the Foundation House of Life 

History of the small Foundation Projects   

The first twenty-five children are supported and included in the education project. The group grows up to forty children. In 2014 we are forced to bring it back to the present thirty children. 

The foundation supports two inhabitants in starting a small shop. 

The foundation is able to buy for four families a collective tuk tuk taxi to earn with it an income. 

The foundation supports again an inhabitant in starting a small shop.
The foundation is helping two families which houses are destroyed by fire and is paying the bill for healthcare of two families.
The foundation is helping four families who lost their houses by fire by giving them enough blankets for the winter. 

2012 - 2013
By starting an extra action, the foundation ensures that the Abydos kindergarten can be completed.

2014 - 2019
For tenth year in row the education project is funded. 

Supporting thirty children of Abydos 

Education project 

The education project includes the supporting of a group of thirty children from poor families of the village in the costs and everything they need during the year of school: the school uniforms, sportswear, leisure clothing, backpack and learning materials.

library for the children of Abydos 

Two future ideals

The Foundation House of Life has set itself, in addition to financially supporting families in the education project, for two future ideals. One of these two goals is to create a library and media library for the children of Abydos. 

Music dance and theater   

Abydos Children’s Week

The second goal of the foundation is to organize in the future the Abydos Children's week. Music, dance and theater are beautiful and universal mediums and supports the social and emotional development of children. It gives children the chance to have a good experience about themselves and with others. The Foundation House of Life has the wish to organize in the future the Abydos Children’s Week, containing music-, dance- and theater-workshops for the children of Abydos.

a better future for all of us

Will you support us?

With your donation you give the foundation the opportunity to go on with helping the inhabitants of Abydos, the education project and in realizing the future library and media library as well as the Abydos Children’s Week. 

We are grateful that at this moment more and more regular donors support our work. 

Your financial support is welcome on:
Rabobank account number: NL94 RABO 0111398886
St. Foundation House of Life, the Netherlands
IBAN: NL94 RABO 0111398886

Financial report 2017-2018

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