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Essential Oils

The priests of ancient Egypt had great interest in what they called holy oils. Holy oils played a very important role in daily life inside and outside the temples.

The priests discovered how the holy oils had magical results in cleaning and opening increasing energy. They knew the effects of these oils on the Ba and the Ka. They used oil to make their meditation more powerful. They knew that the sense of smell was in communication with the oldest memory in our brains.

The holy oils were also used to relieve pain and control other physical symptoms. The oils roses – lotus – mint – camphor – olive – jasmine – lavender – sandalwood are still used today for these purposes. For meditation they mainly used musk.

The House of Life has a rich knowledge about ancient Egyptian essential oils. We use them in our treatments and cures.

If you want to learn more about medicines in ancient Egypt, you might be interested in our Course Ancient Egyptian Healing.

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House of Life Shop

During your stay in the House of Life it's possible to buy sacred oils and musk. Besides the sacred meditation and massage oils you can also make a choise of various incenses.

If you are looking for a specific essential oil or incense, please contact us.

the land of herbs and spices

Herbs & Spices

Egypt is known as the land of the herbs and spices. The knowledge of herbs and spices in order to cure physical ailments in a natural manner is still present and is still being put into practice.

If you are looking for herbs and spices that are hard to be found, please contact us.

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