Abydos, as a Stargate 

Abydos, Stargate of Ancient Egypt

We would like to explain why a pilgrimage to Abydos and a retreat program in the House of Life has such a healing qualities but can also be sometimes very intense. 

There are places all over the Earth we would like to call 'Star Gates'. Star gates are places on the Earth where the Universal and Earth energies are in direct connection with each other and form a very strong mutual connection. In the description of archetypes these two energies can be the best compared with Light (Universe) and Shadow (Earth) Both are meeting and shining on each other.

The Bottom Stone comes up

Light and Shadow

A stay in such a place on Earth in which these energies are crossing each other, usually ensures that personal processes and themes in us which have to do with the Light and the Shadow, will develop many times faster. It can ensure that soul themes in our lives that have played a role for a long time, will be worked out in a short time and are sometimes intensely magnified… in other words 'The bottom stone comes up'.

direct connection with the divine powers

Divine powers

Abydos is such a Stargate, a place on the Earth that has been recognized since ancient times as a place where the Universal, read Divine powers, and the Earth energy intersect as if through a wafer-thin curtain. A place unerringly traced by the ancient Egyptians as being in direct communication with these Divine powers and where they built their temples even before the first dynasties.

man and her spiritual connection

Special constructions

Special buildings and temples such as the Osirion, the Temple of Sety I and the remains of the Ramses II Temple, Shunta El Zebib and Khum El Sultan in addition to the many temples that are hidden under the houses of the village of Abydos, are visible reminders of a time when man recognized and expressed their spiritual connection. 

special experiences in Abydos

Personal themes are touched

This explains why people still often feel spontaneously touched when they visit the Osirion, the temple of Sety I or the Ramsses II temple and why deep personal life themes are often touched during a stay in Abydos and the House of Life. 

Universal connections 

Soul themes

For example, soul themes that have to do with the Light will often fill us with enormous power, and ecstatic feelings and fill us with great joy of unconditional Universal love and Universal connection. For our soul this means that we can grow spiritually into people who, even more than we did before, can make substantial contributions to the quality of life on Earth, for ourselves, our fellow man and the Earth herself.

opposite experiences

Shadow & Light

Soul themes in us that have to do with our Shadow evoke opposite experiences. The same ecstatic experiences turn into feelings of hopeless separation, dependence, abandonment, anger and make us judge mercilessly about ourselves and especially others. For our soul this means that the inner world within us remains small and we lock ourselves in the illusion that we cannot help ourselves but sit in the place, waiting for someone else to free us from the shackles in our mind.

primal source of divine creation

Divine spark

Because we are humans, everyone on this Earth will recognize and have experienced these two opposites in themselves. For anyone there is no escaping this for! However, very long ago something was entrusted to our souls. We would like to call this the Divine spark, a Divine fire that has its origin in the primordial source of the Divine creation and because we understand the creation of the Divine Being, creation itself is given to us the ability to always rise above ourselves, no matter what aspect of us we are dealing with, the Light in us or the Shadow in us.

rise above our light and shadow

Potential of new strength

When we rise above our own Light, it creates an enormous potential of new strength and possibilities that expands and makes us grow inwardly, always accompanied by growth forces that show us that we are capable of much more than we ever imagined.

As we rise above our Shadow we enter a state of spiritual courage, compassion for ourselves and non-judgment of others and the Light within us is allowed to grow and we are able to reach the other side of the river where we find a new country that waits for us.

A place of strength and light

Our intention

The House of Life as a healing center intends to be a place where everyone can experience Abydos and themselves in their own way with the intention to always rise above ourselves. Our intention is to be a Place of Light where we know better than anyone how negative thoughts can create clouds of Shadows. 

we need water to grow

Trusting our divine spark

Like no other we have the experience that we can always rise above ourselves by continuing to rely on our Divine spark, by continuing to keep going and focusing on the Light. How we, disciplined in our thinking, can experience again and again that the power of our inner Light makes the moments of the Shadow in us smaller and smaller until it finally becomes a cloud of fun where it is funny to play with and we become happy because it occasionally provides us with a heavy rain shower that we were just waiting for. And say for yourself, who and what does not need water to grow?

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